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Last week, two car bombs killed several people, including two members of an international NATO mission.

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Trump said those attacks, in which one American soldier also died, were the reason he calls the US-Taliban talks "dead". Following Trump's comments, the Taliban pledged to continue fighting against US forces. In a statement to Al Jazeera, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Washington would regret turning its back on talks spearheaded by high-level officials from both sides.

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One was jihad and fighting, the other was talks and negotiations," Mujahid said. The talks between the US and the Taliban were aimed at finally ending the war, which started in after the US invaded Afghanistan following the September 11 attacks.

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Toggle navigation. If one nuclear weapon exploded above downtown Denver, some 60, people would die within hours, and an equal number would be seriously injured.

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The nuclear explosion would produce a high-pressure shock wave, and tremendous amounts of light and heat. The shock front would destroy buildings and be followed by intense hurricane-like winds reaching speeds of several hundred miles per hour or more.

Deadly explosion hits mosque in Afghanistan's Kabul

The heat would severely burn anyone exposed to it and ignite large scale fires. Blast: As the high-pressure shock wave expanded, it would collapse houses and buildings over a wide area. The blast would level all buildings and kill everyone within a mile of the explosion. Unreinforced buildings out to 2 miles would collapse or be destroyed, killing almost everyone in this region.

Most buildings out to 3 miles would collapse or be destroyed, killing about half the people in them and injuring the rest. Homes would be destroyed or seriously damaged and more substantial buildings damaged out to 5 miles, injuring about half the occupants. In addition, many people outdoors would be killed or injured by high-speed flying debris.

Heat: The heat produced by the nuclear explosion would directly burn exposed people outside and ignite fires. Within four to five miles, fabric and other household materials would spontaneously ignite, in some cases setting serious fires, which could coalesce into a firestorm fed by intense winds. In addition, for people not shielded by a building, almost everyone within 5 miles would receive third-degree burns, and most within 6 miles would receive third- or second-degree burns.

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  6. Nuclear Fallout The explosion would also produce large amounts of highly radioactive dust and debris nuclear fallout , which could be carried long distances by the wind. For a typical wind in Denver, [4] the fallout would eventually contaminate many thousands of square miles. The map gives a rough estimate of the accumulated radiation dose people would receive after 24 hours. Everyone in the inner region would die, as would well over half of those in the middle region.

    The remaining people in the middle region would suffer acute radiation sickness, as would those in the outer region.

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    Even if these people recovered in the short term, their chance of later developing cancer would increase. Needed: A Fundamentally Different U. Nuclear Weapons Policy To reduce the risk of an accidental or unauthorized attack from Russia, the next president must make fundamental changes to U. He should remove U. He should declare that the sole purpose of U.