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Include archived stories. Events that start after Unlike most of his peers, he actually paints - heads on huge canvases.

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As such, he doesn't court outrage, critical favour or create installations like his more eminent best friend Lenny Snook. It sets him apart from some of the other enfants terribles such as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin or Gilbert and George who are name-dropped, or who even appear, in the book. Despite this, Hector has income and acclaim enough, and an attractive girlfriend whom he loves. But following a freak encounter between his masterwork and a motorbike, and the fallout from a misguided and notorious painting of a hanged former tenant of his flat, his life starts to unravel.

The Late Hector Kipling Book Summary and Study Guide

The ensuing story is a thickly-layered impasto of death, injury, illness, sofas, insanity and more death. It all takes place against the backdrop of professional rivalry in the incestuous London art scene at the end of the millennium. Thewlis is obviously familiar with those artists and their creations; his mockery of their excesses is affectionate rather than satirical. Thus he gives us descriptions of limousines filled with blood, baths filled with paint, and even Lenny's motorised coffin and pram chasing each other round a gallery.

As Hector's world collapses he inserts grimly amusing 'ideas for pieces' which simultaneously lampoon conceptual art and his own predicament.

The Late Hector Kipling - E-bok - David Thewlis - Storytel

The dialogue is convincing thanks to the actor's ear for speech. Kipling's personality and its gradual disintegration are also believable, even if most of the other characters - with the possible exception of Hector's mother - are little more than ciphers. Stood in front of a painting, Hector begins to cry, for reasons he is not entirely clear on, and rushes to the bathroom, where he has a brief conversation with a strange man who offends Hector by referring to his art as "stuff". When he has managed to calm himself down a bit, Hector leaves the room, goes back to Lenny, and engages in a stilted conversation with him before explaining that he needs to leave to see his therapist.

What he does not tell Lenny is that he only started seeing this therapist after Lenny was nominated for an award due to an art piece that Hector believes Lenny stole from him.

The Late Hector Kipling

Shortly after, Hector and Eleni take a weekend in Blackpool, to see Hector's parents. Eleni gets on well with Hector's parents, and all is well until Hector and Eleni have sex on his mother's white settee and Eleni bleeds on it in the process. Later, Hector's parents buy themselves a new sofa for an exorbitant amount of money, which causes Hector's father enough stress to put him in the hospital. Hector offers to send his mother the money for a new sofa, but she declines.

Hector finds out, nearly at the same time, that his other best friend, Kirk, has cancer, and that Eleni's mother, who lives in Greece, may be dying.

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Eleni rushes home to be with her family, and Hector falls in lust with an American girl at a poetry reading named Rosa. Rosa ends up at the opening night of Hector's new exhibition, as does his therapist, Bianca, Lenny, Kirk, and oddly, the strange man from the bathroom at the art gallery. The strange man proceeds to make things even stranger by throwing manure over Hector's most famous painting, the aforementioned God Bolton.

Hector is comforted by Rosa, who takes him home with her. Hector drops his phone in Rosa's bathtub before he leaves in the morning.

The Late Hector Kipling